On-Line Membership

We are pleased to announce the membership renewal from 2019 onwards will be online through our new membership portal.
This is now live and you can register online HERE

Our portal is
www.membermojo.co.uk/VRAC  and will allow you to create your own athlete profile and manage your information through our secure website.

For 2019/20 all members will need to join as if they are a new member and create an account.
Membership fees will be taken through a secure portal using PayPal but you do not need a PayPal account to make a payment.
If you are a life member, coach or official you must also register using this link but no membership fee will be incurred.
Once you have registered and paid your membership fee your affiliation to UK athletics will be automatically renewed.

There are various membership options, if you do not know which is most appropriate for you please contact Helen Harrington via the link on the portal.
Membership renewal is due on April 1st any renewals after 31st May may incur a late payment fee.

It is your responsibility to ensure your information within the portal is kept up to date, this will be used for communication purposes and also passed to coaches if there is a medical condition they need to be made aware of.

Finally please ensure you read and review the club code of conduct and our track etiquette prior to renewing your membership.