VRAC Virtual Road Champs - Time to Choose a Charity!


Thanks to the efforts of Mike and Helen Harrington in organising it, the above event has proved very popular with 2 of the 5 distances (mile and 3k) completed to date and the remaining 3 (5k, 5m and 10k) taking place in the next 3 weeks.
With all entry fees being donated to charity we therefore expect to be able to distribute a significant sum to good causes once the event is over.

We would therefore love to hear from any of our members who wish to nominate a particular charity.
Members should have a personal connection to the organisation.
The organising committee will consider all submissions when deciding the final distribution.
Please send nominations to Mike, Helen or Stu Doyle.

Details of the Champs including entry details and results to date are available HERE, although if anyone is struggling to find the information they need please contact Mike or Helen or post on the Facebook site.