Vale Royal AC Seniors Section


VRAC are pleased to announce a restructuring of the Senior Endurance section of the club.
This will now comprise 4 distinct Groups which are broadly based on 10k race times however the criteria are flexible and members are free to move between groups:

- Red Group  Sub 38 min 10k Session on Tuesday or Wednesday evening and Saturday Morning plus Long Run on Sunday Morning    Contact Stuart Doyle
- Blue Group 38 to 50 min 10k    Session on Tuesday or Wednesday evening plus Long Run on Sunday Morning. Contacts Rick Murray and Geoff Fawkes
- Yellow Group    45 to 50 min 10k Steady Run of c.6 miles on Sunday morning. Contact Steve Collier
- White Group 50 min+ 10k Steady Runs of 5 to 6 miles on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Contact Lucy Burch, Helen Taylor or Ann Collier

The approach will be complementary to the track sessions that are already organised by Andy Carter and Shaun McGrath at Knights Grange on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with the intention of providing additional choice to our members - all Senior Group sessions and Track sessions are available to all members.

Note that there may be weeks when the KG track sessions are agreed to be appropriate for the members of one of the Senior training groups and therefore the Group may not organise a separate session that week.

- The times, locations and sessions for each Group will vary each week - the intention is for these to be agreed collaboratively so they work for the majority rather than being dictated by the Group contact.
- Messenger groups owned by the named contacts above will be created to enable the weekly sessions to be agreed
- If you wish to be added to a Group please reach out to the relevant contact point
- Support in co-ordinating any of the Groups would be very welcome
- The Messenger groups can also be used by members of that Group to agree informal runs as required

In addition to the above update on training the intention is to enter the following leagues and Championships which take place later in 2021:
- Manchester Cross Country League
- North Staffs XC League
- North West Road Relay Champs (Birchwood on 12th Sept)
- Northern Road Relay Champs (19th Sept, Venue TBC)
- National Road Relays (9th October @ Sutton Park)
- Northern XC Relays, National XC Relays

Entry to all the above events will be paid by the club from membership fees.

Please contact Stuart Doyle with any queries.