VRAC Seniors Message


To all Senior Endurance members:

As you may recall during 2021 we made a number of changes to our senior section in order to improve the variety of sessions/ runs and opportunities to train in a group.
If anyone requires further details of these, including how to join a particular group, please contact any of Stu Doyle, Rick Murray, Geoff Fawkes, Steve Collier or Helen Taylor who are the group leaders.

In addition we are aware that a number of our members are intending to run marathons and half marathons in the Spring.
As these are likely to entail some longer sessions and tempo runs then we are proposing to arrange some group training sessions as company can make them more tolerable as well as encouraging team spirit.

As an example typical sessions would be 3 or 4 x 10 mins at tempo pace or longer runs of 10 to 15 miles at marathon pace.
The sessions would be designed to suit all abilities and the intention would be to do these on loop courses to avoid the group becoming completely splintered.

The sessions will complement the long interval sessions that already take place on a Tuesday night at Knights Grange and therefore would likely be on a Saturday morning, starting at 8.30 or 9 am although this can be flexible.

For those not already aware it should also be noted that the Club already organises a number of long runs on a Sunday morning, the pace and length of which vary by group.
Details of these can also be provided by the above group leaders.

All VRAC runs and training sessions are open to all members (1st and 2nd claim).

If anyone is interested please message/contact me directly.


Stu Doyle

07775 550364